Bickering Bitches

Bickering Bitches

While leaving our 20s behind and flying towards our 30s there’s a landmine of questions that we’re not equipped to answer! While navigating the Why’s of it all we cant help but bicker our way to an answer or maybe just more questions!

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    Adult Activities

    There is a point in life where we have to pre-pay for an adult activity in order to get me off my couch and out of my sweats after work to see friends. Are they really worth it? Is this adulthood?

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    Is fall too basic?

    fallingintofall ... but really! let's not. Fall is great but do we really need all these damn fall hashtags. It's become too basic.

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    "Sup Ma!" is NOT my fucking name!

    I did not give you written permission to touch me in any way. So when i retract my body from you and say "no, thank you" that's me being polite, not an invitation. I'm telling you to F off!

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    Does size matter?

    Tall, lean, big, or small... does it really count for all?

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    Sibling friendships

    While blood maybe thicker than water, relationships tend to get muddled* when we become adults.

    *Thanks Savannah!

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    How it came down to a 2 hour Uber...

    Airlines can suck my left tit with their refund policies.. especially you AA (and I ain't talking about Alcoholics Anonymous)

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    Managing time as an adult.. is it doable?

    The art of time management when happy hours and late conference calls are on the line. Join us as we waste our precious millennial time with our special guest Amie!

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    The Gym Cycle

    Why is it more stressful to sign up for a gym contract than it is for cable. Like, if I'm sweating bullets because I know I'm signing a contact that will take me an arm and a leg to cancel why even attempt to be healthy...

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    Live action vs. animation

    Let's get nostalgic!! Are you a true no holds back into the classic animated original Disney movie or are you a more live action kind of girl!

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