Bickering Bitches

Bickering Bitches

While leaving our 20s behind and flying towards our 30s there’s a landmine of questions that we’re not equipped to answer! While navigating the Why’s of it all we cant help but bicker our way to an answer or maybe just more questions!

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    From Seoul to Sun

    We had a hardy take on Seoul and know are seeking some sand and sun.

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    Our journey west continues.

    We have the best of times. We have the worst of times ...J.K. It was mostly the best! We didn't let Susan from Accounting or Sound Cloud Rappers ruin our fun!

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    On Our Way West

    A girl can't start her vacay until she has closed her laptop, been groped by TSA, and a drink in hand...Hell she feelin' so good, she might just have a stop over in Vancouver. Cheers!

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    Healthy discussions with friends

    The different's between with a fake friend and a real friend is the difference to distinguish the truth! If you can't tell ask the source... If they reply.

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    WTF is a Florida Man Challenge?

    If there is a challenge for the U.S. state that you're living in, to see what kind of crazy shit you can see.. YOU MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM!!! Talking to you Florida! .. Val just can't.

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    Are you an obnoxious eater?

    Do you release you're in public when I can see the entire chicken leg and side of potatoes chopping down your fucking pie hole ... take a moment! CHEW!* ...SWALLOW! AND THEN TALK! like you would do for any guy you're going down on.

    (*unless he's into it)

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    Bullying so passe.

    If you feel like you have to continuously pester another person to make yourself feel important... GURL! CHECK YOURSELF! because your are no more important than anyone else.

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    Spring Break!

    Even a bickering bitch needs to let the tea simmer... BUT don't you worry! We'll be back before that tea boils over with hotter content.

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    Are planning trips stressful?

    Are trip planning and purchasing stressful? F**K! YES IT IS!!!! But we all need to get away from those excel reports and long commutes before we loss our minds. Let Karen worry about the monthly reports for once.

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