Bickering Bitches

Bickering Bitches

While leaving our 20s behind and flying towards our 30s there’s a landmine of questions that we’re not equipped to answer! While navigating the Why’s of it all we cant help but bicker our way to an answer or maybe just more questions!

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    How do you self-care

    We all need a little me time, time to decompress, unwind, and clear our mind of Karen!

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    Did you like Crossroads or Glitter?

    Let's dive a little into the early 2000s where low rise flare jeans and baby doll tops was the epitome of fashion. Where TRL, Paris & Perez Hilton were life!

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    Yes, you can give up the D for a weekend

    You don't always need to be the hostess with the mostest! However, I do expect a little decorum when I come all they way to visit and stay with you. Like you can sustain from having sex for 72 hours, it's not that hard or better yet give me a good hotel recommendation!

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    Are we obsessed with quality or brands?

    If I'm paying for a luxury brand best believe I better get that luxury service as well! Give me that bottle of Moet, some caviar, and a damn silver spoon. I came here for the full experience not a knock off department store coupon find. Girl bye!

    Join in as our girl Bree speaks her truth on resent traumatic shopping experiences.

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    Okay, I'm a bitch... now what?

    Sorry to bust your bubble fellas.. but a penis does not solve my bitchiness. My bitchiness is so rooted that your dick couldn't find it on a clear day... but maybe I was born with it, It ain't Maybelline, it's you Karen!

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    Why are you a side -hoe?

    Oh, he won't separate from his significant other until he sleeps with you? well gurl! You better tell that boy BYE! because he is trying to turn you into a side piece. We discuss the rise and fall of a side-hoe.

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    Are you on a diet DIET?

    My body, My SIZE! and girl you need to start owning it! Get over the latest updated fad diet and get into your own skin.

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    ... Adulting.. why? Why must we?

    Doesn't matter how old you are, you will never be prepared enough to deal with the bullshit bill collectors. Join us in our discussion with our special guest Marvin.

    We throw in some plantain talk too because talking about being an adult is exhausting.

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    Millennials.. We have it hard too DAD!

    Okay, I get it! It's shit on a Millennial era, but we're not all in our cubicles crying ourselves to death. So NO! Susan from HR, I will not sit still and do a boring job 365 days a year for 30 years. This debt won't disappear but I can to an exotic place for a few days.

    DISCLAIMER: There was movement during this recording. Sorry, not sorry!

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