Bickering Bitches

Bickering Bitches

While leaving our 20s behind and flying towards our 30s there’s a landmine of questions that we’re not equipped to answer! While navigating the Why’s of it all we cant help but bicker our way to an answer or maybe just more questions!

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    Millennials.. We have it hard too DAD!

    Okay, I get it! It's shit on a Millennial era, but we're not all in our cubicles crying ourselves to death. So NO! Susan from HR, I will not sit still and do a boring job 365 days a year for 30 years. This debt won't disappear but I can to an exotic place for a few days.

    DISCLAIMER: There was movement during this recording. Sorry, not sorry!

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    Women - Are we too emotional?

    Am I emotional? Am I overreacting?.. MAYBE! But I do NOT need you to tell me that. I will figure it out myself after I go through this rollercoaster of emotions... but lets discuss.

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    Are we really committed to each other?

    It's cuffing season... That time of year where everyone scrambles to find that someone to help clear out your Netflix queue, but how committed are you to this relationship or any romantic relationship?

    Listen in as we get a straight male perspective from our friend Marvin (He's single ladies!)

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    New Year, New You?... Really Though?

    New Year, New You... what a Joke! Girl, unless you are getting paid to promote why do I need to be spammed on my social media page when you're going to fall off the wagon anyways... and that's the tea.

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    Are we social media drones?

    Every aspect of our lives is lived through the 24 hours social and news media life cycle.. Are we obsessed? Do we care? ... Should we take a step back... ugh, let me consult my followers first.

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    Broke but will travel

    If a bitch has to work two jobs on no sleep for 351 days out of the year for two weeks of vacay.. yes, a bitch gotta have memories for the next 351 days.

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    So about 2018...

    There were moments... and then there were MOMENTS! We cover 5 moments that affect our lives for good, bad, and sometimes R-rated that occurred in 2018

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    Should you make it a double?

    Make it a double!... or maybe not... We're talking about how this year has shaped up for us and how we need to take a step back and reevaluate our lives... well mainly our livers.

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    Dive into the world of K-dramas. How we dipped our toes into the K-world from Mangas to Manhwa, from webseries to Apps. We tell it all from the basic storyline to our stans.

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    Mi Cama should NOT be public!

    What happens when you are confronted by a one night stand, ex, or "friends-with-benefits" in public... Do you just nod... say hi!, hug, or .... ugh. AWKWARD!

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