Bickering Bitches

Bickering Bitches

While leaving our 20s behind and flying towards our 30s there’s a landmine of questions that we’re not equipped to answer! While navigating the Why’s of it all we cant help but bicker our way to an answer or maybe just more questions!

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    Got a secret? Should you keep it... LITERALLY KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Don't burden others unless you need a solution. Periodt.

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    Cancel Culture

    No you're cancelled, No YOU'RE cancelled, NO THEY’RE cancelled,... NOOOO I’M CANCELLLEDDD!!!!!

    Is there no end to this social media tool.

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    Dating culture - COVID addition

    Another cuffing season around the corner and the price for winter comfort... or sex might just be marriage.

    Are these the end of times?

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    Why can't we leave ...

    These states are not united and for sure divided as FUCK! And the world has every right to treat us like that ratchet family member that nobody invited to Thanksgiving, but they always show up.

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    We’re Back!

    The world may be burning, but guess what.. so are we and that’s why it took us some time to come back. BUT WE’RE HERE! Bitter, drunk, and disillusioned.

    Join us as we check in with ourselves and what we’ve been doing the last few months and what we plan for the foreseeable future.

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    If you ain't in my bubble when shit hit the fan, that girl you ain't going to be in it for a WHILE! LOVE YOU, BUT LOVE My health more! Because I sure ain't giving up drinking to better my immune system.

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    When should you air your grievances?

    We made it to 50 episodes! So why don't we air some grievances? Better yet, when and how should you air your issues be it with a co-worker, family member, or friends...because guess what! NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!! In this day and age, don't bottle everything up! It's not heathy for your mental health and your relationships. PERIODT.

    **This was pre-recorded WAY before we were quarantine. Enjoy! #Stayhome

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    Season 2!!! Your bickering bitches are back! Did you miss us?

    The tea has been brewing long enough and it is boiling over. While we practice staying home, this is the perfect time for you to social distance yourself away from egotistical guy friends. You know, that guy who thinks that everyone around them (plus yourself) want to tap "that"... KEVIN AIN'T NOBOBY WANT YOU, so check yourself!*

    *This was prerecorded WAY before bring quarantine, enjoy! #stayhome

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    Still Bickering.

    Between pop-ups and pop-off (aka Yemisi yelling) a year has past and we're still at it. AIN'T DONE BITCHEZZZZ!

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    Adult Activities

    There is a point in life where we have to pre-pay for an adult activity in order to get me off my couch and out of my sweats after work to see friends. Are they really worth it? Is this adulthood?

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